Silicone and Sealants

We stock silicones and sealants which are suitable for use on a wide variety of tasks. Some examples of the products we can supply are shown below.
We are registered stockists for a fully comprehensive range of manufacturers including:


We have a range of multi purpose low modulus construction grade silicone which is available in a choice of colours. It provides a permanently watertight, flexible rubber seal on most common building substrates. Sanitary silicone provides a long lasting, flexible watertight seal and contains anti-fungal compounds to prevent mould growth. It will adhere to most non porous surfaces.

Common applications:

Sealing around window and door frames
Sealing cladding
Sealing glass to glass and glass to aluminium
Sealing around baths & showers
Sealing in kitchens/food preparation areas

Decorators Caulk and Lead Sealant

Decorators caulk is a flexible water based filler and sealant that is easy to apply and quick drying. It can be over painted after only 1-2 hours. Lead sealant is a high quality flexible mortar that gives a permanent weatherproof seal. It is suitable for use with lead and most roofing substrates. Common applications:

Filling gaps and cracks around skirting boards and architraves (Caulk)
Filling cracks around door and window frames (Caulk)
Pointing lead into brickwork (Lead Sealant)
Sealing roof materials (Lead Sealant)


We stock high strength, quick grab adhesive which can adhere to virtually all building materials (even rough surfaces) making it an ideal replacement for nails and screws. Our super glue is designed to quickly bond rubber and plastics such as PVC-U. To speed up the bonding process and reduce odour we can supply superglue activator spray to be used with the glue. Common applications:

Fixing skirting boards
Fixing PVC-U and timber cladding
Fixing timber framework
Bonding trims and caps

Expanding Foam

We can supply polyurethane based expanding foam which is suitable for general construction and home improvement applications. It is easy to use and is available in both hand held and gun grade options. We also have foam cleaner which is designed to clean foam applicator guns effectively so that they can be stored for re-use. Common applications:

Fixing window and door frames
Filling awkward and irregular gaps
Insulating between brickwork and cladding
Filling cavities around pipes and cables

Plastic Cleaners

We have a selection of plastic cleaners and Paper Rolls which can be used to maintain and restore PVC-U doors and windows. Common applications:

After installing UPVC windows and doors
Cleaning PVC frames
Cleaning windows


Our trade tools can be used to carry out a diverse range of jobs and are priced competitively. They are suitable for professional tradesmen and also DIY projects.

We are registered stockists for a fully comprehensive range of manufacturers including:

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